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COMOCRI Ltd was the brainchild of its founder and current Managing Director John Beddis who after 35 years as chief engineer in various industries was amazed at the lack of crossover in technologies across differing sectors of industry. The company’s first task was to seek a partner who had not only a first class reputation but who manufactured a range of equipment that would lend itself to uses that it was previously not intended. After a period of research and investigation, meetings where held with the UK’s representative of MAHLE GmbH Mr Christoph Nikolin who like John Beddis shared a vision of various filtration products being integrated into various industries and processes that had previously not been identified. 

MAHLE GmbH, a German company with a turnover in excess of 6 billion Euros, has its roots in the fields of automotive engineering and industrial filtration and its reputation for quality is unsurpassed. MAHLE is also the parent company to cosworth engineering and supplier of components to eight out of the ten F1 grand prix teams, and so its staff are used to working at the cutting edge of development and responding to situation changes and tight deadlines as a matter of course.( www.mahle.com ). 

Initially located within the Innovation Technology Centre Sheffield where all the companies involved are at the forefront of development in their particular discipline. Due to the success of Comocri it has now been necessary to relocate to new premises kamagra kopen, we now have the scope to offer demonstrations and test facilities for customers own products with full scale pieces of equipment. These new premises are located within the Fusion @ Magna complex a new development adjacent to the Magna Scientific Park.


Comocri Ltd as the exclusive distributor for the MAHLE NFV range of deoiing and dewatering equipment. Comocri's ideally positioned to solve your problems relating to deoiling and dewatering.
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