Coal Fired Power Station

In the three years since we first trialled our de-watering equipment on a power station dirty oil tank things have moved rapidly forward, from that first trial on a static system we moved on to trials on dynamic turbine systems at several of the UK's largest coal fired stations with startling results.

In each trial we produced results that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that in the MAHLE OTS range of de-watering equipment we are leading the way in not only efficiency of removing water but also in terms of dramatic reductions in energy usage normally associated with this operation and also providing the turbine engineer with equipment that is extremely maintenance friendly and requires very little in terms of support.

Such startling trial results have brought sales and these units which are now working in the field have produced even better than expected results leading to repeat orders for our systems, just to give two examples which I will briefly describe below.

OTS 100

following a trial at a coal fired station in the north of England we recieved an order for two OTS systems which were supplied and installed on two of the stations four turbines, in a very short space of time the the sampling results taken from the thrust bearing of the turbines showed levels of water of 5ppm and 12ppm respectively. Of the turbines not fitted with our equipment the sampling results show levels of some 1400ppm and 200ppm needless to say we have recieved further orders that will remedy the situation. ( analysis of samples are available from the download section of the website )

OTS 32

In October 2010 we recieved a request for assistance from a station that was experiencing problems with a main boiler feed pump which had a water count of some 18,000ppm obviously due to a seal problem, this was despite being serviced by a vac-dehydration unit with a notional capacity of some 70 ltrs/min. We responded by hiring the station an OTS 32 unit which in a matter of days had reduced the levels to a manageable 300ppm this allowed the pump to be kept in operation until its planned outage for remedial work to take place at a time of choosing by the turbine engineer.


We have just recently carried out services on two of our units the operational running hours on these units were 12,400 hrs and 12,200 hrs respectively, In both cases the services were requested not for any reduction in efficiency but purely because the engineers in both cases thought that sufficient time had elapsed from installation that a service would be prudent.  


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