Success Stories

Steel Production

We have recently been carrying out trials with a major steel producer in respect of de-watering oil lubricants within it's steel plate mill. Having suffered for some years  with water ingress and its debilitating effects on lubricating quality and the inherent higher maintenance costs this brings with it, the engineer in charge viewed with some scepticism our assertion that we believed it would present no problem to our OTS system.

With one minor adjustment and that was to re-calibrate the water probe due to high conductivity of contaminant water the trial unit...

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Nuclear Power Station


The trial at this nuclear  power station differs from other stations where trials have been held by virtue of its geographic location in relation to our base in South Yorkshire and also by the fact that it is Nuclear powered and therefore subject to a more rigorous security policy. This has meant that we are limited to results from samples taken by the station staff and the sampling regime is not quite as comprehensive as we would normally do when we are totally dedicated to this task....

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Tarmac Topblock based at Alfreton in Derbyshire had for some years the thought of returning their condensate produced by the process of curing concrete blocks by autoclaves back to process.

The condensate contained a mixture of predominantly water but with a small percentage of releasing oil and particulates and despite numerous attempts, including the use of centrifuges and filters etc. had proved beyond them, so it was with some scepticism that when Comocri suggested to Mr Robin Stapleton, Chief Engineer of the site, that they would like to run...

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Coal Fired Power Station

In the three years since we first trialled our de-watering equipment on a power station dirty oil tank things have moved rapidly forward, from that first trial on a static system we moved on to trials on dynamic turbine systems at several of the UK's largest coal fired stations with startling results.

In each trial we produced results that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that in the MAHLE OTS range of de-watering equipment we are leading the way in not only efficiency of removing water but also in terms of...

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