After the nuclear accident in Japan caused by the tsunami swamping emergency diesel generators resulting in catastrophic failure of cooling systems one of the UK's nuclear fleet carried out an in depth study of potential threats to their own emergency diesel back up systems.

This study highlighted that the biggest threat came from the quality of fuel that was readily available in the storage tanks, as the storage vessels and the fuel within are subjected to multiple temperature changes over time and due to condensation forming within the storage vessels leading to microbial growth with the potential to clog fuel lines and filters leading to non availability of units when called into emergency action.

when one considers that microbial growth can occur at levels as low as 60 parts per million and is invisible to any inspection other than the complete removal of fuel from storage vessel and susequent cleaning of vessel. The solution came in the form of fitting MAHLE KFWA systems designed specifically for purifying and the maintaining of quality within fuel oil systems, Utilising Filtration, Coalescence and Membrane technology not only cope with today's sulphur free fuels but offer operating efficiencies of some 99.9975% in the removal of free water, having efficienies of this magnitude ensure that damaging microbial growth does not occur.

it is worth bearing in mind that emergency plant by nature is needed when the unforseen happens by implementing The Mahle KFWA or FTS system you are removing any lingering doubts as to fuel quality irregardless of the number of years it has bee held in readiness.

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