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immuG - Rubber pipes, rubber pipelines, moldings and fittings from rubber

Plant construction

immuG have many years of comprehensive experience working with rubber pipe parts in across a wide range of industries, including power plants, steel works, mining, the chemical industry, environmental technology, surface and underground construction, gravel extraction, and plant construction.

immuG’s wide product range have proven their value in many applications, including, corrosive and abrasive conveyance materials such as quartz, granulates, cullet, salts, acids, granulated cinder, dross, coal, wash waste, hydrochloric acid, gypsum, sulfurous acid, gravel, sodium hydroxide, sludge, etc. Also, flue gas desulphurization systems on flue gas scrubber pumps, as pipes for gypsum slurry, lime milk circular pipelines, and in many other applications.

In many cases the high heat and sound absorption capacity of immuG rubber pipes provides significant economy savings over and above that of inferior products.

Sand- and gravel conveyance

For years, rubber pipes – especially suction and pressure bends – have been used successfully on dredger ships. Conveyance lines for gravel slurries have proven effective over many years of use in wet mining both on land and in water. The result is an outstanding service life for immuG products, compared to lines made of steel or high-carbon steel.

Rubber pipes can also be installed to float on pontoons. One effective type of floating lines are those with floating bodies, which are particularly effective when exposed to windy conditions.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, immuG compensating reducers have proven effective as a replacement for wear and fault prone combinations of reducers and expansion bellows. immuG Bend pieces also have a significantly longer service life in comparison to rubberised pipe parts.

Rubber pipes in mining

The treatment and processing of ores, coal, and minerals includes process steps where the conveyance of highly abrasive slurries is necessary. In coal washing, in flotation systems, and other similar areas of application, immuG rubber components have proved to have superior service life compared to rubberized steel and plastic pipes. In steel mills, rubberized piping is used in slag granulation and for descaling water lines.

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