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Tarmac Topblock based at Alfreton in Derbyshire had for some years the thought of returning their condensate produced by the process of curing concrete blocks by autoclaves back to process.

The condensate contained a mixture of predominantly water but with a small percentage of releasing oil and particulates and despite numerous attempts, including the use of centrifuges and filters etc. had proved beyond them, so it was with some scepticism that when Comocri suggested to Mr Robin Stapleton, Chief Engineer of the site, that they would like to run a trial with a view to returning most of the condensate back to process as against flowing to drain.

However it was agreed that Comocri would carry out a trial in the presence of Mr Christoph Nikolin, the UK Sales Manager for MAHLE systems, the trial was done over 4 days and at the end of the period everyone concerned was quite elated by the results which appeared to bear out both Comocri and MAHLE’s original thoughts and hopes.

Even though the trials had been perceived a success it was Tarmac’s thoughts that the risk involved in purchasing a unit large enough for their needs was too much for them to bear as the fears where that after a period of time the compound effect of continually recycling the water would cause process problems. It was decided that MAHLE and Comocri would take the risk and build a 5 m3/hr unit which would then be leased to Tarmac for a nominal sum and for a period of four weeks should there be no adverse effects on the process Tarmac would then purchase the unit.

Needless to say, no problems where encountered and Tarmac purchased the unit and now have the ability to return up to 800 m3 weekly to process as against pouring it down the drain. The savings achieved can be measured in a fiscal way but also falls in line with Tarmac’s environmental corporate policy of reducing wherever possible impacts on the environment by the companies operations.


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