In the modern world there is now agreement on the fact that we must respect the resources we have previuosly taken for granted and by the same token realise that the demands we place on the utility services must be reduced.

Trade effluent sums up the previous statement for not only are we wasteful in the use of water we do not do enough to limit the waste we allow to flow to drain, but with the lowering of consent limits and the higher charges we are now seeing it makes sound financial sense to reduce these costs. Indeed in some cases we can not only reduce costs but generate secondary revenue streams by the sale of what was previously waste, this particulary true in the case of organic material which could go for anearobic digestion and oils and fats which could go for bio-fuel production.

All systems we propose in this field are designed to be self financing, chemical free and carry low maintence/consumable spend.  

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Comocri Ltd as the exclusive distributor for the MAHLE NFV range of deoiing and dewatering equipment. Comocri's ideally positioned to solve your problems relating to deoiling and dewatering.
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