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Tarmac topblock part of the Tarmac group of companies is involved in the production of concrete block in a variety of grades for use in the construction industry. The process calls for a small quantity of oil to be added to the concrete batch prio to pouring into moulds, even though the quantity of oil used is small it is enough to stop the condensate generated after the curing process being suitable for reintroducing back to process. The holy grail of reusing the effluent stream had despite numerous systems being trialled eluded them.

After a trial using the MPEB system Tarmac topblock where impressed with the results but with previous experiences did not feel suffiently confident to place an order. Comocri and NFV had however confidence that the MPEB was the solution and made the offer that the equipment would be supplied on a sale or return basis. Suufice to say the equipment was retained by Tarmac and this has resulted in potentialy 800 cubic metres of water being returned to process.


ITI-Energy is a spin out company set up to commercialise the patented gasification technology developed at Newcastle university. This technology  is designed to create energy from waste by gasification which in simple terms is the burning of waste in the absence of oxygen within a reactor chamber and using the resultant gas created to fuel diesel generators which then export the generated electricity into the national grid. This process is not INCINERATION and differs from that by virtue that it produces no toxic disharges.

This technology is immensely valuable as it allows the UK to fulfill its international obligations in two important areas these are namely,

  1. To comply with the European Landfill directive which states that by 2020 ( with various intermediate targets ) we should reduce our landfill requirement by some 35 million tonnes. Failure to reach these targets carry punitive charges by means of landfill tax of somewhere in the region of £150.00 per tonne.
  2. To meet our targets for the generation of renewable energy allowing us to meet the  corresponding CO2 reductions agreed in the KYOTO agreement.

One area of the process that caused cocern was the gas clean up train for as with the old method of generating town gas the gas is dirty and contains various pollutants i.e oil ,tar, particulates and heavy metals. Cleaning the gas is not a problem as the gas is just passed through water scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators which remove the pollutants, however this has just tranferred the pollutants to the water used in the gas clean up cycle and the problem is how to remove the pollutant from the water.With this problem in mind ITI-Energy approached Comocri their main criteria being any system employed did not involve the use of chemicals and had a small footprint to enable it to be integrated into their designs.

There are many thoughts on how this problem may be addressed unfortunately all have significant drawbacks in terms of size, water consumption and efficiencies. Comocri decided to investigate technology used in the clean up of ships dirty bilge wate discharges which are subjected to extremely stringent international legislation. In collaboration with a german company MAHLE/NFV ( a world leader in the Maritime bilge water treatment)a trial unit was supplied and tested at ITI’s test plant in Suffolk the unit performed above expectations and delivered a output water quality of some 0.4ppm hydrocarbon content with significant lowering of heavy metal content to such an extent that the sample complied with all aspects of the WASTE INCINERATION DIRECTIVE.

for a copy of this analysis which was performed by a UKAS accredited laboratory please go to downloads section of the website.


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