The Challenge

The removal of oil from water is relatively easy as long as two main criteria exist in unlimited supply. These are namely.

• Unlimited storage capacity
• Unlimited time

Given time and storage capacity oil and water will separate naturally however should any of the two above requirements be missing then we have an entirely different scenario. Then add to the equation emulsified oils, various liquefying points and particulates it becomes not so straight forward. For all application involving the removal  of oil from water we use the MAHLE-NFV MPEB-unit as the nucleus and add other components as required to create equipment of a modular design bespoke to each customer’s needs.

all our systems are designed with the customers bespoke needs in mind wheteher they be in the form of legal, environmental or financial. At all times we adhere strict quality and excellence of performance in whatever we offer for sale and it is our belief that whatever the problem we have the solution.

Comocri Ltd as the exclusive distributor for the MAHLE NFV range of deoiing and dewatering equipment. Comocri's ideally positioned to solve your problems relating to deoiling and dewatering.
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