Steel Production

We have recently been carrying out trials with a major steel producer in respect of de-watering oil lubricants within it's steel plate mill. Having suffered for some years  with water ingress and its debilitating effects on lubricating quality and the inherent higher maintenance costs this brings with it, the engineer in charge viewed with some scepticism our assertion that we believed it would present no problem to our OTS system.

With one minor adjustment and that was to re-calibrate the water probe due to high conductivity of contaminant water the trial unit was installed on the RACK OIL system. after just a few hours to allow for conditiong to take place the discharge valve operated and the water started to be removed. This continued wth the removal rate being approx 10 litres per hour and the unit was allowed to operate for some eight hours daily until confidence had been gained to allow continuous 24 hr running allowed. the unit is now removing the water at a rate of some 3 litres per hour and the oil quality has improved consierably.

After the success of the unit on the RACK OIL system we where asked to install trial unit on the MORG OIL system, the lubricant on the MORG OIL was of a much higher viscosity being some 680 c/st and of a much higher quality. Once again the trial equipment had no difficulty in removing the water from the system.

The image above shows water being discharged from OTS discharge line to scale pit.

The plant concerned has now agreed to hire the equipment for an extended period with a guarantee of a refund of hire charges should orders be placed within a given timescale.

I is also worth considering that we where by no means to first company they had approached for a solution to their problem, however despite trialling equipment such as centrifuges, bespoke vac de-hydration systems ours was the only one to achieve success. 

Comocri Ltd as the exclusive distributor for the MAHLE NFV range of deoiing and dewatering equipment. Comocri's ideally positioned to solve your problems relating to deoiling and dewatering.
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