The Challenge

Water in oil causes major problems for all concerned whether it be fuel oil or lubricating systems, effects can be rusting or corroded tanks, mould growth, under performing engines, blocked filters deterioration of lubricating properties and reduction in bearing and rotating part life. In the case of fuel oils every time a tank or holder is filled there is a risk of contamination and as mould growth can occur at levels as low as 60 parts per million great care has to be taken.

Obviously the higher the concentration the greater the risk but by operating with the MAHLE-NFV equipment these fears can be allayed. With lubricating oils once again we have the possibility of mould growth and as lubrication systems tend to run with at nice bacteria promoting temperatures it is easy to see why so many experience problems. The bearing manufacturers when rating the life of their products do so based on the presumption that there is no more than 100 parts per million of water in the system so as one can see from the graph below if the level of contamination is reduced the component life is increased dramatically.

Water from oil graph


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