The Technology


Designed with the smaller user in mind the KFWA contains a combined fine filter and coalescer unit housed in a single vessel. the coalescer element has an efficiency of 99.9975% in free water gives fuel that is bacteria free and therefore not susceptible to the problem of diesel pest. 


for the larger diesel/gasoil user this unit comes with separate filter vessel and added membrane separator unit, capable of delivering oil of a quality that will not sustain bacterial growth thereby eliminating the problem of diesel pest.


These units are especially suited to oils of a higher viscosity and have particular relevance to lubrication systems which are susceptible to water ingress such as large turbine generators, main boiler feed pumps, start and stand by boiler feed pumps and rolling mill gear box strings etc.

Comprising three separate elements namely filtration, coalescence and membrane separation have proved to be virtually maintenance free. We now have units in the field with many thousands of operating hours  which have not only outperformed other de-watering technologies but with their extremely low energy consumption have proved to be self financing to the extent that payback in some cases is less than twelve months.

All the above units are supplied with automatic water discharge and self System Monitoring with relevant alarms allowing operational personnel to see at a glance the state of system. the units can be supplied in various configurations to suit all plant designs and if required with own in built water reciever. All are also available to ATEX standards.



Comocri Ltd as the exclusive distributor for the MAHLE NFV range of deoiing and dewatering equipment. Comocri's ideally positioned to solve your problems relating to deoiling and dewatering.
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